Upcoming Tech Trends in Real Estate

Technology in Real Estate Then and Now

As technology continues to become entrenched in our everyday lives from wearable technology that can monitor our health and fitness to those futuristic hover boards you’ve been curious about, a growth in the latest technology solutions are set to have an huge impact on the real estate industry.

When you picture a real estate agent you imagine the decades-old practice of pounding the pavement or knocking on doors. The real estate professionals of today are working to adapt to new tech developments in order to reach their buyers, sellers, and investors. It’s not hard to believe that most real estate searches start with a simple online search. Understanding what to expect is the best way for real estate professionals to attract and keep clients.

Among some of the new tech developments are the use of 3D printed keys. As security and convenience has become more important the use of 3D printed keys offers consumers convenience and safety in emailing and printing keys.

GPS is also having a big impact on the real estate industry allowing professionals to market directly to consumers. Some retail chains have been utilizing GPS to target consumers when they are within a certain proximity of a listing and alert the potential buyer.

Social media is another area which has potential to grow with new apps and social networking platforms emerging every year. Real Estate professionals can take advantage of the these tools and utilize these social media platforms to reach consumers via video and mobile messaging services.